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Foshan Bifei Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd is located in Foshan, the capital of furniture in China. It has a furniture production and R&D base covering an area of nearly 50 mu in Nanhai District and Shunde District of Foshan. It is a professional technology company with 20 years of experience in the production and development of folding beds. It has more than 30 patented designs. The folding beds it supplies can meet the requirements of modern mid-to-high-end office environments. All of them can be hidden in the cabinet for storage, which is ergonomic and practical. , luxurious, comfortable, beautiful and convenient in one, with high-tech folding bed series, a variety of specifications and a variety of configuration grades, suitable for your different customer needs, the company's patented products are currently only supplied to large and medium-sized office companies The project supporting, not for zero batch sales.

The company's professional focus is constantly innovating, and the quality and function are improved while the price is lowered, in order to enable you to use our product matching and make your products more competitive. Foshan Bifei Home Furnishing Technology regards it as its mission to provide customers with "enhancing high-quality life and cost-effective products". The professional design team continues to innovate and develop products that are more customer-satisfied. Because our product line is very narrow, our goal is only to achieve Be professional, dedicated, and concentrate on making a product well, with a width of one centimeter to a depth of one kilometer. The company looks forward to a win-win cooperation with you!

Guaranteed high quality, which is the main reason why it always has so many regular customers. Creating better products within a limited cost fully reflects our strong cost awareness and pursuit of quality. In the process of sales, we reduce costs and increase value through our own value chain. Its main performance is: IKEA combines customers and suppliers in the value chain. Integrate customers into the value chain and demonstrate better service concepts and awareness. We focus on the consumer groups at all stages of the market, and the human resources concept of Bifei is: "Work hard to provide a satisfactory product for ourselves and our customers"

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