Introduction and classification of infusion chairs


Introduction and classification of infusion chairs

An infusion chair (also called an IV chair) is a medical device specially designed for intravenous infusion. This chair is usually made of high-strength and lightweight materials, and can be adjusted in height and angle to suit different heights and needs. They usually have a cushioned headrest and arm supports for a comfortable position. The infusion chair is also equipped with a central axis and a steel base, which can ensure the stability and balance of the chair.

Infusion chairs are usually used in some situations that require long-term infusion, such as cancer treatment, long-term infusion and other situations. The design of the chair allows patients to receive treatment in a comfortable environment, reducing fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, the infusion chair features ventilation holes and an easy-to-clean surface, making it easier to maintain and clean. They are common devices in hospitals, clinics, nursing facilities and home care.

Infusion chairs are divided into the following categories according to different needs and structures:

Fixed infusion chair: it is fixed at a certain position, and generally adopts a steel frame structure, which is suitable for long-term infusion or when patients in the rehabilitation period need to rest for a long time.

Adjustable infusion chair: It can adapt to different needs by adjusting the angle and height, and is suitable for patients with mild conditions.

Portable infusion chair: light in structure, easy to carry, suitable for patients who need to move indoors and outdoors or for temporary use.

Children's infusion chair: The infusion chair designed for children's body is different from the adult type infusion chair in terms of structure and function, and is suitable for the treatment of pediatric diseases.

Folding infusion chair: simple structure, easy storage, suitable for family and community use.

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