What should I do if the toilet chair cannot be put down?


What should I do if the toilet chair cannot be put down?

If you find that you cannot put the toilet chair down successfully when installing the toilet chair, it may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Mismatched size: The toilet chair you choose may not match your toilet. Although most toilet chairs are a standard size, some toilets may vary slightly. Compare the dimensions of the toilet bowl and toilet chair to see if there is a significant difference.

2. The installation direction is not correct: the toilet chair has a front and a back, so the correct direction should be determined before installation. If you install the toilet chair the other way around, it won't go down.

3. Bottom accessories hinder installation: Some toilets may have accessories such as emergency drain valves and fixing screws at the bottom, which may hinder the installation of the toilet chair. Check the bottom of your toilet to make sure there are no such accessories. If you have accessories, try a different model or brand of toilet chair.

Here are some things you can do if you can't lower the toilet chair:

1. Adjust the size: If your toilet chair does not match the size of the toilet, please consider replacing the toilet chair of the appropriate size.

2. Change the direction: Check the front and back of the toilet chair to ensure that the installation direction is correct. If not, adjust the orientation and try installing it again.

3. Remove obstructions: If the bottom attachment is in the way of installation, please clean the bottom of the toilet and try to install it again. If these accessories are not necessary, consider removing them temporarily.

It should be noted that before adjusting the position of the toilet chair, the water valve of the toilet must be turned off to avoid water leakage. If you are very worried about your lack of strength, you can consider asking professional installation or maintenance personnel to help you solve the problem.

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