What are the basic types of toilet chairs?


Dual purpose

The dual purpose simple toilet chair not only has a homely appearance but also looks elegant. It can be used as a high-end toilet chair or as a high-end backrest. The preferred toilet chair backrest is made of foam material for home decoration, and a sponge is added to the leather backrest to maximize the comfort of the toilet chair backrest. The backrest is equipped with reinforced steel plate edge pressing design, ensuring long-term use of the chair and preventing inferior products from using only three willow nails, Problems such as tension or deformation caused by fixed methods.

Sponge type

Leather and sponge lined, with sponge inside the leather seat plate, using high frequency sealed compression technology. The load-bearing structure under the seat plate should have 4 steel pipes, which are directly welded to strengthen the structure. The design is more stable, heavy and powerful. The materials used in manufacturing mainly include steel pipe, plastic, and rubber. Steel pipe is used to make its overall support framework, and the latter two are mainly used in the toilet holes, toilets, bucket covers, and handrails.

Sofa style

The main body of the sofa style toilet chair is made of steel, with a surface treated with spray coating. It is made of high-quality leather and sponge lining, making it more comfortable for users to use. It uses anti slip rubber foot pads, made of steel main tube (surface spray treatment), and the backrest tube is equipped with foam cushions and ABS material seat plates. The seat plate height is 40cm; The width of the seat plate is 45cm.

Cover plate type

Cover plate type toilet chair, with ABS cover plate installed at home on the back of the cushion, using steel main pipe (surface spray treatment), foam cushion added to the backrest pipe, and ABS material seat plate; Adopting a pull-out sponge soft seat cushion, the toilet can be removed, and the driver can fold it, with a backrest cushion; The height of the seat plate is 41cm; The width of the seat plate is 46cm.

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