The function of Toilet Chair


Toilet Chair refers to a portable toilet chair or sanitary chair, usually used to provide sanitary facilities for people with limited mobility. Its main functions include:

Assisting people with limited mobility: The Toilet Chair is suitable for people who are unable to stand unaided or sit on a traditional toilet due to health problems, age or disability. It provides a support to sit or stand up, making it easier for them to use sanitary facilities.

Safety: Toilet chairs typically have a sturdy base and armrests for extra support and stability. This helps reduce the risk of falls for users when using sanitary facilities.

Mobility: These chairs are typically lightweight and easy to carry, so they can be moved between homes, medical facilities, nursing homes and other settings. This increases user flexibility.

Hygiene: Toilet chairs are generally easy to clean and maintain, and some models come with removable containers for collecting excrement. This helps maintain hygiene and facilitates cleanup.

Adjustability: Some Toilet Chairs feature adjustable height, seat angle and armrest height to meet the needs of different users.

Comfort for long periods of time sitting on the toilet: For those who need to spend longer periods of time sitting on the toilet (such as the elderly or disabled), the Toilet Chair provides additional comfort and support.

In short, the Toilet Chair is mainly used to help people with limited mobility gain additional support and convenience when using sanitary facilities. These chairs have a wide range of applications in the medical and nursing fields as well as in the home. Choosing a suitable Toilet Chair should be based on the user's special needs and circumstances.

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