The current situation of the intravenous infusion chair industry


infusion chairs are a medical device that has become one of the common devices in many medical institutions.The size of the intravenous infusion chair market in China was about RMB 2 billion in 2021, and is expected to continue to grow in the next few years. This is closely related to factors such as the increasing aging population and the increasing demand for medical services in China. With the improvement of medical environment and the increasing demand for comfortable medical environment, the domestic infusion chair market is expected to usher in more development opportunities. At the same time, with technological innovation and product upgrades, customized and intelligent intravenous infusion chair products are also expected to meet the diverse needs of different medical institutions and individual patients, further promoting the growth of the market size. 

The competition in the infusion chair market is relatively dispersed, and there are some well-known brands in the market, making the market competition more intense. At the same time, with technological innovation and industry upgrades, differentiation and competition within the industry are gradually emerging. The analysis of the intravenous infusion chair market mentions that with the trend of extending medical services to households, the home care  infusion chair market will have a large opportunity, and the application of intelligent equipment in the medical field will also bring new development opportunities for the industry. However, the existence of some low-priced and low-quality products in the market and the restrictions of policies and regulations have also brought challenges to the industry.

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