Double Folding Bed
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Double Folding Bed

Foshan Bifei Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde District, Foshan City. The company is a professional manufacturer of Double Folding Bed, toilet chairs, crutches, folding beds, medical beds and other products.The company has standardized manufacturers, high-quality production processes and professional production equipment to ensure product quality.


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Product Description

Foshan Li'anju Furniture Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company with 20 years of experience in the production and development of folding beds. The folding beds supplied can meet the requirements of modern mid-to-high-end office environments. All of them can be hidden in cabinets for storage, integrating ergonomics and practicality. , luxurious, comfortable, beautiful and convenient in one, with high-tech folding bed series, a variety of specifications and a variety of configuration levels, suitable for your different customer needs, its products include Double Folding Beds, three-fold beds, lunch break bed, etc., the company's professional focus is constantly innovating, the quality and function are improved while the price is reduced, in order to enable you to use our product matching and make your products more competitive.

The company is market-oriented and customer-centric. Continuously develop new products and provide customers with high-quality services. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other countries and internationally renowned chain pharmacies and medical equipment stores.High-quality products and preferential prices have won the trust of buyers from all over the world and praise from consumers.

product specification:184*64*34mm

Number of packages:1*2sheet

Packing Specifications: 93*65*43mm

Double Folding Bed Feature

01/ solid

Solid anti-collapse comfortable support

Hemp material is preferred, reinforced with technology, and the force on each section of the bed surface is even. Upgraded inner core sponge. Firm and anti-sag, scientific force support.


Adjustable head pillow

The headrest can be flexibly adjusted to better support the neck, completely relax, and protect a healthy and good sleep.

03 / environmental protection

Preferred environmentally friendly skin-friendly fabrics

According to the characteristics of the skin, the newly developed peach blue bag technology has long-lasting toughness, high moisture absorption and breathability!

04/Thickened bracket

Extra thick round (square) tube technology supports stronger

25MM diameter round pipe reinforcement technology, steel pipe wall thickness up to 15mm. All-round reinforcement, loose to deal with heavy weight, more reliable quality

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