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Home Cinema Recliner Sofa

High quality Home Cinema Recliner Sofa is offered by China manufacturer Bifei. Buy Home Cinema Recliner Sofa which is of high quality directly with low price.

Model: YF-S186

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Product Description

Technical parameters:

1.The Home Cinema Recliner Sofa is filled with 45# high-density pure sponge, with strong toughness and quick resilience. The backrest is filled with doll cotton, and the softness is fitted to the back. The outermost layer is filled with spray cotton, keep sofas resilient, comfortable, durable and not prone to collapse.

2.Solid wood frame load-bearing, the sofa sitting surface structure using high elastic rubber durability, each separated into a network to support the bottom of the sofa cross-arm support 600 kg load-bearing, the use of long snake-type spring; Good elasticity, good sitting feeling, long service life, durable deformation.

3.Fixed Recliner 1.45 meters, sofa with armrest bag to provide pillow role, with foot rest can be relied on.

4.External Deluxe high-quality deep-flush Cup, can be placed in large and small popcorn and other mobile phone items.

5.Adopt new cortex technology skin, the surface feel refined and rich texture, breathable anti-pollution strong wear and scratch resistance.


1, the above price does not include taxes, freight, installation charges. [The above unit price is FOB], the foreign exchange rate will be settled when the order is placed.

2. Payment method: 30% deposit in advance, arrange production after payment. Delivery after receiving 70% of the final payment.

3. This quotation will be adjusted due to material price fluctuations, and our company will inform us in advance.

4. If the goods are damaged in the process of transportation, instead of being transported by the freight company designated by our company, our company has the right to charge after-sales maintenance fees at our discretion.

5. Due to the limitations of materials, shapes, structures and other factors, the fabrics configured above are fixed combinations. Please try to order as usual.

6. If the Buyer does not arrange to take delivery (delivery) 10 days after the agreed delivery date, the Supplier will charge a storage fee of 0.1% of the total amount per day.

7. Product model, price, configuration, fabric color. Please reconfirm with us before placing an order to avoid errors or omissions.

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