Multifunctional Infusion Chair
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Multifunctional Infusion Chair

The high quality multifunctional infusion chair is a specialized piece of medical furniture designed for patients undergoing infusion therapy. It provides a comfortable and convenient seating solution while allowing healthcare professionals to administer intravenous medications or fluids to the patient.


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Product Description

Infusion chairs typically offer multiple adjustable positions to accommodate patient comfort during treatment. They can be reclined or positioned upright, allowing patients to find the most suitable seating position.

Product model: YF-S143 (Multifunctional infusion chair)

Product specifications:

H1060mm (Backrest height) W750mm (Total width) D850mm (Total depth)

① (Backrest height) 1060mm 

② (Handrail height) 610mm 

③ (Handrail width) 150mm

④ (Seat void) 500mm 

⑤ (Seat depth) 520mm

⑥ (Seat height) 450mm

⑦ (Infusion pole height) 1520mm

Material description:

1 Material: Technical leather (wear-resistant and scratch-resistant cow velvet leather)

2 Seat cushion upholstery: high-density pure foam filling, soft and comfortable and durable

3 Backrest soft bag: The inside of the backrest is flushed with doll cotton, and the softness fits the back

4 Solid wood frame: multi-process treatment, drying, anti-mildew treatment, insecticide, disinfection, etc

5 Imported serpentine spring bottom frame, cross support, 600 pounds load-bearing, durable and not deformed

6 An external high-quality deep draw cup can hold large, medium and small popcorn and other items for mobile phones

7 Adjustable stainless steel infusion stand

8 Net weight: multifunctional style 40KG Gross weight: multifunctional style 46kG

9 (Carton size): 1.W Center distance 580-700mm 2、D Depth 800-900mm 3、H Total height 1040mm

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