​How to choose a folding bed that suits you


Purely from the perspective of sleeping comfort, a wide and stable folding bed is obviously a good choice. However, considering personal factors, usage environment and other actual conditions, you still need to make a trade-off between comfort and practicality. How to choose a folding bed that suits you? The editor summarizes the following factors.

1. Company environment, primary factor

On the one hand, the company environment refers to whether the office space is spacious and what the room temperature is. In a general cubicle office environment, due to the large number of people and narrow passages, there may be people walking around during breaks, and the storage space is limited, a camp bed that occupies a small area and is easy to store is more suitable; if the space is very loose, a simple wooden bed or a sponge folding bed They are all good choices; in the south, try not to choose thick mats that are not removable, otherwise it will be too stuffy before the air conditioning is turned on. On the other hand, you need to consider whether the corporate culture is rigorous or relatively loose, and whether the style of the folding bed matches the environment. If you have a very strict administrative director, what you consider is not what kind of folding bed is suitable for you, but whether you can make a bed for a lunch break.

2. Body shape, tailor-made is the most suitable

Some people may be surprised, do people of different body types sleep on different beds? If it is an ordinary bed, there is no need to consider it. However, folding beds used in offices must take gender and body factors into consideration. To put it bluntly, it depends on the size and load-bearing capacity of the bed. The length of a general folding bed is between 180~195cm, the narrow one is only 50cm, and the wide one is 120cm. A girl who is 165cm tall and weighs 40kg can sleep quite comfortably on a small canvas bed, but can a big man who is 185cm tall and weighs 80kg sleep comfortably? You can’t just follow what other product reviewers say, you have to choose based on your own circumstances. The 50cm bed is too narrow and cannot be turned over, so the comfort is not very good. It is recommended to choose a bed with a width of about 70cm, and the height should not be too low to avoid the feeling of "eating dust". Those who are light can choose a canvas bed, while those who are heavier should try to choose a folding bed with a support net or hard board.

3. Is it removable and washable?

Folding beds are usually placed in corners or under tables, where they are easily contaminated with dust and breed bacteria. Whether they are easy to clean is a factor that needs to be considered. Most cots are non-detachable and are usually equipped with a dust cover. However, if you use them frequently, it is too troublesome to put on a dust cover every time. If they are removable and washable, regular cleaning will save trouble and keep them clean. Of course, it doesn't matter if you change it every six months or throw it away every season. There are also some removable mattresses with different materials on the front and back, making it easy to change them in different seasons.

4. Some details

For folding beds, the stability of the bracket and the breathability and warmth of the mattress should be considered. The support frame can be divided into steel tube and round tube. Generally, the square tube will be relatively stable, and the one with more lateral support rods will be better. Also, pay attention to whether it is easy to roll over. The advantage of a canvas mattress is that it has good air permeability, but the back will be cold in winter and the aging resistance is not as good as Teslin. If you lie down and the dent is obvious, it is not recommended to buy it. If it is a thick pad with filling, consider the softness and hardness, and do not choose one that is too soft. In addition to the previous points, there are also some small details, such as whether it is convenient to open and store, whether there are small storage pockets on the side, whether there are fixed locks, etc. For products with guaranteed quality, merchants will generally describe clearly what material the fabric is made of, how many horizontal tubes are used, what thickness, load-bearing capacity, and size, etc., which can be used as a reference for purchase.

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